Bare Knuckle 6 ST Peacemaker SET Covered Nickel - Nickel Screws - Mandala Etch 50MM

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Make your peace, embrace your tone. The Peacemaker

Chris Robertson signature humbucker set.

The voice of Black Stone Cherry on both lead guitar and vocals, Chris always delivers a searing performance, driving home the band’s modern twist on classic hard rock. From slamming riffs to quick-fire melodic lead playing, and with a touring schedule second to none, Chris demands a lot from his guitar tone.

"The thing I really love about these pickups, along with the clarity, is how round and full the upper register notes still stay. The higher strings, when you’re taking lead lines or even just chiming through chords, those notes stay right there and poke their chest out just as much as the lower strings. That’s one of the things I’ve always loved about Bare Knuckles, the attention to clarity on every note. I’m super excited to get these pickups out there."

The Peacemaker pickups are PAF voiced humbuckers spiced up to deliver vintage hot output from both bridge and neck powered by isotropic Alnico V magnets and our custom, handwound coils.

The ride is firm and controlled from the bridge with more than enough drive to really saturate under heavy gain, but never at the expense of mid-range definition or dynamic headroom. Neck tones sound fat and juicy in the highs with just the right amount of bite dialled in to punch through the mix for really solid lead tones.

Both bridge and neck are precisely calibrated to work as a matched pair, producing the perfect balance of output for scorching rock guitar tones.

As always, Chris has the final word:

"Yeah I like boomer bends…. blackmail me!"