Bare Knuckle 6 ST Triptych Single Coil SSS Set WHITE w/Zinc Plate on Neck & Bridge

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Triptych: The power of three.

Rabea Massaad signature Strat set.

“For me, the perfect Strat tone has been an ongoing journey for the last few years, and I’m happy to say that the journey has ended with the Triptych single coils.

I wanted to create a set of pickups that would satisfy my love for early to mid ’60’s Strat tones, referencing guys like SRV, John Mayer and Philip Sayce, but also provide enough depth, power and clarity for me to play heavier music and chunky riffs.

The Triptych’s do this with ease and I couldn’t be happier!” Rabea

A unique combination of Alnico III powered bridge and Alnico V middle and neck coils, hand wound with 42 AWG plain enamel wire, reproduce the phenomenal extension in the bottom end and rich upper mid and highs that make Rabea’s tone instantly recognisable.

From classic woody vintage vibes, super thick fuzz-driven high gain and onwards into new and uncharted territory that push the boundaries of single coil tone, Triptych coils encapsulate Rabea’s awe-inspiring approach to the Strat.

Vintage cloth ‘push back’ hookup is standard and there is a choice of stock or RWRP mid coil. Rabea’s preference is for zinc plated steel baseplates on the bridge and neck coil to further add depth and output and a RWRP mid coil, however we’ve left the option open to choose baseplates on all three coils if you wish.

This version we are selling is Rabea’s exact version Vintage Stagger with Zinc Plate on the Neck & Bridge pickups.