Bare Knuckle Mineral Oil Tone Capacitor 0.022uf

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The latest evolution and most comprehensive range yet of our premium paper in oil tone capacitors.

Following exhaustive testing, we have developed a range of custom spec capacitors with Jupiter Condenser in the USA, which cover everything that we as players need from a great tone cap.

All models produce a clear, defined response, right through the full range of your tone control and feature aluminium foil construction with silver lead-outs, encased in a hermetically sealed capsule for dependable performance.

For maximum tonal variety, we are now offering 2 options for the dielectric fluid (oil) inside the capacitor, yielding 2 subtly different tonal flavours:

Vitamin Q - a synthetic oil which results in a slightly brighter overall tone, with a more notched, wah-like character when rolled back. This version is most like the previous versions of our caps, especially the older Jensen models

Mineral oil - a more rounded and warm character, with a smoother, even sound when rolled right back

Each type is available in three capacitance variants:

0.047µF, a deeper, darker response, best suited to singlecoils and pairing with a 280k tone pot,

0.022µF, for a great all-round response,

0.015µF for a slightly brighter response, great for retaining clarity on a neck tone control,